Save now, Save Future
Trickling energy in buildings
many a little makes a mickle!
Where the electricity is going?
Electricity is wasted under your radar
Electricity is wasted under your radar
Solutions are already in the market to solve the electricity problem
개별 제품,전기제어 시스템,에너지 관리 시스템
Meager savings, Ambiguous saving process ∙∙∙
no solution is giving a clear answer to the energy saving
Do you clearly know electricity use status in your building?
I know which part of our company consume electricity the most
I check power consumption of my building /company every day
Our company controls air-conditioned upon the weather of the day
Our company set a strict power use policy by analyzing electricity tariff
Saving can be started from accurate present status analysis
1단계:에너지 사용현황분석 및진단, 2단계:진단데이터기반 최적시세템 설계및구축. 3단계:에너지 데이터수집 및 모니터링, 4단계:에너지데이터분석으로환경맞춤형최적운전가이드, 5단계:추가 에너지 절감방안 발굴 및 적용