enbrix Knows Energy
The Circulation
The solution makes buildings to evolve on their own
  • Smart IOT Device Construction
    Install only essential smart IOT devices for a site, provide optimal construction and connect to cloud platform
  • Big Data Analysis
    Create the optimized policy for site by collecting & analyzing big data through smart IOT devices
  • Energy Policy Application
    Apply power-saving policies created from the cloud platform automatically
Cyclic process of returning from cloud platform to smart IOT device continuously repeating
Real-time Energy Monitoring ∙ Management
Real-time Energy Monitoring ∙ Management
  • Real-time monitoring of operation status and energy use status of main power load in the building
  • Manage electricity rates by monitoring real-time power consumption and trends, checking consumption levels, and setting target power
  • Refine inefficiencies and guide improvements
Smarter Energy Management
Smarter Energy Management
  • Manage power and energy remotely through web and mobile app
  • Immediate notification and emergency response in the event of an emergency
  • Increase the participation of all memebers in energy saving management from general users to managers
Applicable to Various Types of Site
"12:30PM – Lunch time
빌딩 적용예시
3:00PM – Mid of business hour
공장 적용예시
5:20 PM – Way back home
빌딩 적용예시