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Conversion Solution to Smart Building
Utilizes enbrix big data technology and analysis algorithm to optimize power energy auto-optimization to the application site
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  • IOT Device
    Smart Thermostat
    Smart Outlet
    Smart Lighting Module
    Smart Energy Meter
    Smart Switch
    Smart LED
    Smart Hub
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Customers with enbrix
University K in Gwangju, Korea
University K in Gwangju, Korea
Energy saving automation with IoT   (saving within scope of construction)
Real-time monitoring and operation of energy use in buildings with IoT devices connected to the cloud platform
  • Smart Thermostat controls temperature difference of each room, intelligent control, efficient air-conditioner operation
  • Reduces unnecessary power use with power and dimming control of Smart lighting modules & LED
  • Eliminates wasted power with Smart Outlet
  • Draw the optimum saving solution with big data analysis and create the best power consumption environment by applying energy operation policy created from enbrix cloud platform
Company W in Chung-buk, Korea
Immediate reduction in facility
electricity consumption
EPEB and Smart Energy Meter
  • Reduces power consumption in electric facilities by improving power efficiency (improved uniformity of current with EPEB)
  • Reduces power loss by suppressing harmonics and noise generated in power facilities
  • Protects power facilities by momentarily suppressing the transient voltage on the line
  • Monitors and analyzes real-time power usage and usage patterns to support active power management and predictive maintenance
Company W in Chung-buk, Korea
Site-optimized System Installation Case
  • Public power company K in Korea  Public power company K in Korea
  • National Industrial Zone, UlsanNational Industrial Zone, Ulsan
  • National Park, Chung-bukNational Park, Chung-buk
  • Chemical company L in KoreaChemical company L in Korea
  • Furniture manufacturer E in KoreaFurniture manufacturer E in Korea
  • Auto parts manufacturer S in KoreaAuto parts manufacturer S in Korea
  • and others